Men in Wax Jackets album cover

Roy’s Iron DNA – Men In Wax Jackets [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Men in Wax Jackets, described by NME as “classy trip-hop at its darkest”, is the stunning début album from Roy’s Iron DNA, re-released as a limited edition FREE DOWNLOAD for December 2015.

Since the album’s initial release in 2007, Roy’s Iron DNA have gone on to develop a Europe wide following of alternative electronic indie fans.

The ever changing project from Ian Thompson has now released 5 unique albums and E.P.s to critical acclaim over 8 years of continued writing and touring.

Travelled Music is celebrating the secretive music of Roy’s Iron DNA with a series of free downloads in the coming months.

The Daily Record waxed lyrical about ‘Men in Wax Jackets’ writing:

“music for toasting yourself after a heavy night in Ibiza. Great with headphones, it lifts you off and gently deposits you in a bed filled with soothing aftersun”.

Men in Wax Jackets by Roys Iron DNA is available as a free download from for December 2015 only.

Physical copies of …

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Roy's Iron DNA 2014

Roy’s Iron DNA set to release augmented reality album.

On Monday 1st June 2015 Roy’s Iron DNA (a musical collective and live band from the Scottish Borders and Edinburgh) will release the world’s first augmented reality album.


The album, entitled ‘Exposure’, will be released as a tabloid style newspaper with each page scannable with a smart-phone/tablet app enabling the reader to play an individually commissioned video for a track from the album. 10,000 copies of the newspaper will be distributed to 250+ outlets across the length and breadth of Scotland and will be entirely free of charge ensuring an estimated 100,000 readership!


Available everywhere from music shops and cafes to galleries, pubs, clubs, colleges and universities the publication will herald a new dawn for album releases. No other act has combined augmented reality with visual art and music in such a way before.

Funded by Creative Scotland, Roy’s Iron DNA has commissioned a wide range of creative talent from across the country. Art students and professional production houses have interpreted tracks from the album to produce their own unique views on the music.


These videos will be released daily via the band’s official vimeo channel from …

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